Shipping - FAQ

When will my order be shipped ?

I'm shipping in batches once a week.

What are the rates?

All orders are sent with tracking from France.
I ship worldwide. 

For France orders (national), there's a 5€ flat rate.
For all worlwide orders: there's a flat rate of 7€. 
Shipping rate will increase if you order heavier products (+2€ at least on the final shipping rate). 

These are my postal office rates and I have no influence on them. I'd advice to order in bigger quantity the items you like to make shipping more profitable for you. 

Tracking your order:
All orders are shipped with a tracking number from La Poste (my national post office).
The tracking number will be provided to your email 24h or 48 hours after the shipment confirmation

To follow your order in real time, tap this link and paste your tracking number:

Items sent seperately:
Some items are bigger in size and won't fit in print sized enveloppe, so you might received them separatly (for mugs,flags orders etc)

Estimated delivery time (once I've shipped your order)
France: 5-7 business days
In Europe: 2 weeks (sometimes orders are taking up to 4 weeks)
Other countries in the world: 3-4 weeks

Thank you for your orders and patience. These informations are an average but depending on each country's postal service and other circumstances times may vary.

Why can't I pay with Paypal at check out? 
I've disabled the Paypal payments this year because their fees for small businesses has tripled and each time you pay with it less is given to the seller (me ^^) and a % that Paypal takes. They keep increasing that fee so for now it's not available. But many other payment options are available and hopefully they'll suit you just as much. You can also securely register your card by default so that it's ready for your next order :) 
Thanks for understanding!

What are pre-orders? 
Sometimes you'll see a product description mentioning pre-orders. It means I am opening them for sell before manufacturing them, just to be sure of the exact amount of products to fabricate. It also means it won't be shipped immediatly - I'll need some extra two weeks to manufacture them and them ship them to you. Pre-orders avoid waste, anable everyone to have as much as they want without a product being immediatly sold out because I didn't manufacture enough for example. So yes, extra patience for pre-orders but otherwise nothing changes for you! :) 

Do I need to add my phone number when ordering?
It is up to you! This is an optional information - but, be aware that sometimes the delivery services can't find your mailbox, or the package is too big to fit in it; in this case they may need to call you to hand deliver it to you. If you live in a building where your mailbox isn't accesible they also may need to reach out to you. So,if you add your phone when ordering, I automatically print it on the packing slip. 

⚠️ Terms ⚠️

I'm not responsible if the address you provided placing your order is not correct or available. Please, check that your address is correct before you place your order. 

All import duties, taxes and customs clearance fees are out of my control. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

I do not accept returns or exchanges unless of course you receive a damaged or faulty item, in which case please contact me through my email attaching photos of the damaged product.

Once your package is home:

Seeing your photos of the items you receive makes me really happy, so feel free to post them and tag me on Twitter or Instagram at @sou_draws. 

Finally, please feel free to leave a review on my website (Review section page) as this always helps me.